The list below are simply examples of starting equipment. The Player may opt for alternative choices. Likewise, the Game Master may draft a list of equipment for the characters (likely to happen if the Gaianar rules are used for a non-Gaianar world setting.) It's also worth noting that characters will likely have some equipment that pertains to their non-adventuring profession. For example, a Gunslinger with a proficiency in Cartography might earn side money by making maps. Therefore he/she would likely have pens, paper, a compass, a scroll case, a straight edge, a ruler, etc.. It is also assumed that the character will have some starting cash in addition to their basic equipment at first level. For the sake of brevity, all characters are assumed to own a few changes of street clothes, ordinary shoes, as well as mundane items like matches, forks, knives, candles, a sleeping bag, and a travel tent. The Game Master has the ultimate say as to what is "reasonable". The starting list below chiefly concerns making the character ready for initial combat.

Things to Remember

  • These lists are merely examples, not mandatory. The Game Master has the final say as to what equipment and money the character starts with.

  • For split-class characters, use the higher of the two amounts for starting money but do not combine the amounts.

  • For split-class characters, the character is bound by the most restrictive armor/weapon/wealth constraint of both classes. For example, a Wishsinger/Priest would have to abide by the Priestly restriction against edged weapons and the Wishsinger restriction against heavy armor.