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Mathematicians are a scholarly character class. They have poor combat skills and low hit point accumulation. However, they have five Tiers of spells as well as a large number of spells within each Tier. By solving complex formulas, a Mathematician can create geometric structures from nothing, grant animating to inanimate objects, create protective barriers, and summon weapons of exquisite sharpness. Most formulas can be cast from a distance and thus allowing the Mathematician a better chance of surviving combat. Many Mathematician formula require a glass tablet and stylus (a hybridized scientific/magical device that helps a Mathematician quickly make computations). There may be certain situations where a Mathematician can attempt to complete a formula without a glass tablet. The Game Master can adjudicate the possibility of unassisted formulas. However, the computational time is greatly increased: segments become rounds, rounds become turns, and turns become hours.

 Things to Consider

  • Mathematicians do not rely on Faith or Spiritual Points. They rely on Knowledge and Body-Mind-Spirit.

  • Unlike many character classes, Mathematicians have no set alignment or wealth restrictions.

  • Mathematicians are the only character class whose powers access the Imaginary Realm.

  • The Mathematician is the only character class whose granted power is the detection of Stillpoints (time/space rifts, interdimensional portals, etc.)

  • Like the Gunslinger, a Mathematician has some ability to resist illusions. A Mathematician/Gunslinger hybrid would stack this ability.