On the surface, the Necromancer and Speaker for the Dead may seem like similar classes. However, the Necromancer is a scholarly-type class with many tiers of spells whereas the Speaker for the Dead is firmly rooted in law enforcement. The Speaker for the Dead seeks to solve the most horrific of crimes and primarily relies on Investigator skills and augments those skills with a handful of spells contained in a single Tier. The Speaker for the Dead has a modest ability to rebuke Undead (although this is weaker than a Necromancer's ability). However, the Speaker for the Dead has superior weapon combat abilities than a Necromancer and is viewed with more societal respect than Necromancers regularly receive.

 Things to Consider

  • Speakers do not rely on Faith or Spiritual Points. They rely on Investigator skills and Body-Mind-Spirit.

  • Speakers and Gunslingers are good allies. A character can easily be a Speaker/Gunslinger split-class.

  • A Speaker for the Dead is a law enforcement archetype and one of the rarest.

  • Most Speakers have serious demeanors, wear mostly gray or black, and carry an octagonal staff as their rank signifier.

  • Because of the brutality of the crimes they investigate, Speakers are always at risk for becoming callous towards humanity.