Welcome to the Matt Hannum collection!

Here are the fan add-ons that Matt Hannum either wrote, helped write, or assisted in the editing process. All works listed here are protected by copyright under Christopher Todd, Matt Hannum, or both. You may, however, use these files for personal (non-profit) purposes.


 Matt Hannum is an engineer, painter, and avid role-player. He was instrumental in the editing process that transitioned this game from First Edition to Second Edition. As game designer, Matt Hannum will always have my thanks, friendship, and appreciation.

-- Christopher Todd 


The Matt Hannum Collection

Gaianar Creatures Add-on #1 284.0KB
Gaianar Creatures Add-on #2 155.0KB
Tome of Worlds 112.0KB
Merle's Worlds 104.5KB
Group Combat 53.0KB
Nexus Spells 21.0KB
Dragons 127.0KB
Papilian Culture 305.5KB
More Treasure 23.0KB
The Immortals 69.5KB
Tome of Champions 53.5KB
Revised Werites 37.5KB
Rules For Players - Generic D20 Format 295.5KB