While a Priest or Shaman calls upon the Divine, and a Mathematician or Necromancer relies on memorized procedures, the Mentalist relies solely upon mental discipline. Most of the Mentalist's power pertains to manipulating minds, shielding thoughts, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and the alteration of physical objects. While Changelings make ideal Mentalists (given that they are a naturally empathic race), most other races can harness their mind when given proper training.

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 Things to Consider

  • Of the Scholarly classes, the Mentalist most easily split-classes with other professions.

  • Unlike other character classes, Mentalists do not need to pray, chant, solve formulae, or collect relics in order to cast spells. They use their minds and bodily reserves. Nothing else is needed.

  • The Mentalist's extended senses and telepathy make them ideal scouts, spies, and undercover agents.

  • Whereas a Priest draws from the Plane of Radiace and the Plane of Light, a Mentalist draws upon the power of her mind and her body's internal resources.

  • As most Undead are considered non-sentient, a Mentalist can mask his/her presence from Undead.

  • A Mentalist's spells use BMS, not spirit points.

  • A Mentalist's spells cast much faster than those of other character classes. This is because the Mentalist does not need to chant or draw sigils -- she just has to think.