From a combat and magical standpoint, the Ranger occupies the midpoint between Barbarian and Shaman. A Ranger is less powerful hand-to-hand than a Barbarian but more potent in fighting than a Shaman. Likewise, a Ranger easily bests a Barbarian when it comes to slinging spells but is outmatched by Shaman in spiritual matters. A Ranger can also be involved in law enforcement (but not always). However, when tasked with law enforcement, they seek to defend nature from poachers and polluters. They also often carry out search-and-rescue missions in rural or desolate regions. Tier 2 spells are available once the Ranger has reached 6th level.

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 Things to Consider

  • Rangers possess a modest blend of magical power and combat prowess.

  • Rangers get along best with Barbarians and Shamans.

  • Rangers are often solitary warriors who live in remote, rural regions and tend to keep themselves to themselves. However, they will certainly help those in need -- especially careless city slickers who get lost in the wilderness.

  • Rangers serve as guardians of nature. They will hunt down and ruthlessly punish poachers, polluters, and anyone who purposefully defiles nature.

  • Rangers attract animal henchmen. At high levels. as many as five different critters may aid the Ranger.

  • Ranger's supernatural powers are fueled by Spirit Points and not BMS.